Connected wind turbine system

B200 is a 10 pounds weight, 1 meter wide, maintenance free wind turbine, developed by Platform Express R&D Center, Inc in 2010 and start production in 2012.

The standalone version has varies output voltage configuration.

The network version is the building block of providing a renewable energy solution that powering street light system without downtime.

Hold multiple United States and worldwide patents or patent pending.

B200 wind turbine

Standalone version of B200 works with many battery charging applications.

Popular output voltages are 12V, 24V and 48V, direct connect to batteries.

Built-in MPPT charging control circuit.

Harvest wind energy in light wind.

Powerful yet light weight for easy DIY installation.

Noise free operation.

Generates 600KWH electricity annually with wind speed 6m/s.

On site wind tunnel

Platform Express developed on site wind tunnel, simulating varies natural wind situation.

B200 is the first wind generator tested many hundred hours in this wind tunnel.

The revolutionary design

  • Aluminium Body

    Optimized for safety and efficiency operation.

  • Fibreglass Blade

    Aerodynamic designed for maximum energy harvesting.

  • Aluminium Finned Face

    Optimized for maximum heat dissipating.

  • Multifunctional Yaw

    Provide safe and reliable power transmission along with extra position lock feature.

  • MPPT circuit

    DSP controlled electronics circuit in charging energy harvesting.

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Networked renewable street lighting system