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Transform your A/C into an air purifier in seconds!

Enjoy fresh air at home and work. Eliminate germs, bacteria, and remove odors. Easy to install in seconds.

WHAT IS CleanQi?

CleanQi is an air purifier using UV LED and PCO technology, that can be attached to the air filters of your exising air conditioning/ gas furnace systems.


Not only is the CleanQi air purifier affordable, it’s also easy to install and works like any normal air filter in eliminating germs, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. It will work with most air filters, including 1-inch, 2-inch and 4-inch thick air filters.

WHY CleanQi?

CleanQi is a powerful air purifier for your entire house, capable of providing both UV light disinfection, and photocatalytic sterilization. It is built to last, affordable, and environmentally friendly.


1. Remove your air filter

2. Attach the CleanQi Air Purifier

3. Put back the air filter

4. Start enjoying your CleanQi

CleanQi Installation

Installing the CleanQi air purifier is very simple. If you’ve ever replaced your A/C air filter, then you already know the steps to installing the CleanQi air purifier yourself.
CleanQi is powered by an UL listed power supply, something similar to that of a common laptop adapter. Installation requires no wiring, no cutting holes, and no tools.
As a safety precaution, always ensure that the device is unplugged before installation.

What included in CleanQi?

A CleanQi whole house air purifier includes:
1x CleanQi air purifier
1x CleanQi UL listed power adapter
1x User manual